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Library for C++ Apache Developers

While I was writing my first Apache API module in C++ I found myself basically programming in a C-style idiom but with the features of C++ as an obstacle. Strong typing was a hassle to be cast away and object oriented programming seemed irrelevant. Additionally I found myself unable to easily use the Pool API for memory management due to differing memory managment schemes in Apache.

I would like to develop a standard library which would enable C++ programmers to skip all of the hassle of interfacing with the C style of the Apache API. I would like to provide more C++-ish front ends for all of the API routines. I would like the experience of programming Apache API modules in C++ to be less like programming in C and more like the experience of mod_perl programmers (object oriented and hassle free).

There are two possible approaches which need to be further evaluated before moving on with such a project: 1) create a mod_cplusplus which provides it own mechanisms for registering handlers and loading cplusplus modules, or 2) create a libapachec++ which would provide common utility functionalty and an alternate API to C++ programmers.

There is now an open source software project called Codea that is based in part on the tips and tricks explained in this document. Codea is designed to allow developers to quickly and easily develop modules in C++ for Apache 2.0. No longer is this document the sole source of wisdom for Apache C++ developers!

This is an open ended conceptual project at this point. I would love to hear comments on it.

Zachary C. Miller
Last modified: Tue Dec 18 18:06:49 CST 2001