From Angelo Moscati:
I found something about memory managment in apache with c++:

Integrating C++ destructor-cleanup code provides yet another example:
Suppose we have:

	class myclass {
  	  virtual ~myclass() { do cleanup ; }
  	  // ....
	} ;

We define a C wrapper:

	void myclassCleanup(void* ptr) { delete (myclass*)ptr ; }

and register it with the pool when we allocate myclass:

	myclass* myobj = new myclass(...) ;
	apr_pool_cleanup_register(pool, (void*)myobj, myclassCleanup,
		apr_pool_cleanup_null) ;

	// now we've hooked our existing resource management from C++
	// into apache and never need to delete myobj

This is from the website:


Thanks again

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