Apache API C++ Cookbook

by Zachary C. Miller


This document is designed as a collection of tips and tricks for writing Apache API modules. These are the non-obvious or under-documented things that I have learned in the course of writing Apache modules in C++ for Linux. Some of the recipes are useful in C or C++ but some are specifically geared towards C++. Some are compatible with any platform but many may be Linux specific.

This is not meant to be a rigorous tutorial or documentation for the Apache API. This is an evolving document. Comments, suggestions, koans, and questions are welcome.

There is now an open source software project called Codea that is based in part on the tips and tricks explained in this document. Codea is designed to allow developers to quickly and easily develop modules in C++ for Apache 2.0. No longer is this document the sole source of wisdom for Apache C++ developers!




I am interested in knowing if there are any other Apache C++ module writers out there. I would like to put together a page with a list of people who can help Apache C++ module writers if they have any questions that are not covered in this document. I also would like to hear about any other "gotcha's" or tips that C++ module writers may have to add to this document. Please email me.


Zachary C. Miller
Last modified: Tue Dec 18 18:12:08 CST 2001